heav|i|ly [ `hevıli ] adverb ***
▸ 1 in large amounts
▸ 2 very
▸ 3 to a large degree
▸ 4 with a lot of force
▸ 5 in uncomfortable way
▸ 6 slowly and sadly
▸ 7 slowly and loudly
1. ) in large amounts:
They had borrowed heavily to buy the boat.
smoke/drink heavily: She had been smoking heavily since her teens.
bleed heavily: I was bleeding heavily from the cut.
2. ) very:
The economy is heavily dependent on coal exports.
heavily polluted rivers
be heavily into something (=be very involved or interested in something): I was heavily into music at that time.
Both of us are heavily involved in charity work.
3. ) to a large degree:
an area that relied heavily on the mines for jobs
heavily populated urban areas
Her work was heavily influenced by her father's.
4. ) with a lot of force:
He slipped and fell heavily.
She leaned heavily on the table.
5. ) in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable or unhappy:
The food was sitting heavily in her stomach.
The prospect of breaking her promise lay heavily on her mind.
6. ) slowly and in a way that shows that you feel sad, tired, or sick:
He walked heavily away.
It's too late, she said heavily.
7. ) if you breathe heavily, you breathe slowly and loudly:
He was fast asleep in the chair, snoring heavily.
I was very unfit, so I was puffing heavily by now.
sigh heavily: Her father sighed heavily.
heavily armed
carrying a lot of weapons
heavily built
a heavily built person is big and strong but not fat
heavily guarded
guarded by a lot of people, usually with weapons
heavily pregnant
a heavily pregnant woman has a very large stomach because her baby will be born soon

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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